Prices and Hunts info:
All Prices include lodging, guide fees and all trophy fees. The Black River Plantation has 3 modern cabins on site. Parties of 4 or more will have their own cabin for their stay with us. Each cabin is fully furnished with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area.

You may harvest 1 species of animal per day unless South Carolina state law forbids otherwise.

A $200 non-refundable deposit required to hold dates for any hunt.

Hog Hunts

The true sport of Kings can still be enjoyed along the river banks of the Black River Basin. We hunt from over 50 stands down in our exclusive river bottom swamp. Our plantation is managed to maximize our boar hunting. Numerous food plots and an aggressive corn nutrition program are critical for our hunter’s success. Our limits are three wild boar per hunter (1 boar per day). Package does not include meals or license.
3 day hunts are $750.00
2 day hunts are $600.00
1 day hunt is $325.00
1/2 day are $250.00
Season: Year round


Large bucks abound in our low country paradise. We only have limited hunts for deer to ensure both our trophy quality and deer population stay in harmony with our plantation’s food sources. Our limits are one trophy buck, one doe, and three wild boar per hunter (1 boar and deer per day). Bucks must have six points with a 14” spread. We have one doe tag available per deer hunter to be used at the hunter’s discretion (after Sept. 15th). Package does not include meals or license.
Deer/Hog Combo
3 day is $895.00
2 day is $650.00
1 day is $375.00
Season: Whitetail bow: Aug. 15th – Jan. 1st Whitetail rifle: Sept. 1st – Jan. 1st


Our swamp and hardwood low country is home to some great flocks of Eastern Wild Turkey. Limited turkey hunts are available during the month of April. These turkey hunts are one-on-one guided. Your guide will call the birds in during the season. We only hunt 12 hunters per season. Call early to book this exciting hunt. We have a limit of two birds and three wild boar per 3-day package (1 boar per day). We will turkey hunt the mornings and hog hunt the evenings. Package does not include meals or license.
Turkey/Hog Combo
3 day hunts are $1100.00
2 day is $700.00
1 day is $425.00
Season: April 1st – May 1st


Our 2,000+ acres of flooded timber and select waterfowl impoundments are home to some of the finest waterfowl hunting in the nation. Mallards, wood ducks, teal, and some divers make there winter flight through Black River Plantation. Prepare for a fast-paced and exciting waterfowl experience. Each waterfowl hunt is fully guided including decoying the birds. Only limited hunts available. Federal and State laws apply to bag limits. Also three wild boar per 3-day package (1 boar per day). We will waterfowl hunt the mornings and hog hunt the evenings. Package does not include meals or license.
Duck/Hog Combo
3 day is $1000.00
2 day is $700.00
1 day is $425.00
Season: Upon request


Black River Plantation offers corporate hunting packages. If you are looking for a new way to combine business and pleasure, and if you want to set your organization apart, then this is the option for you. Corporate hunts are a great way to strengthen business relationships, and are much more exciting than the old standard business lunch. We can customize any of our hunt packages to meet your needs, and can guarantee an unbeatable experience for your client, or employee!

Contact us today to ask about setting up a customized corporate package for you!

Additional Hunts

Hog Hunts with Dogs - 1 day/night hunt $550 per group ($150 extra per extra hog)
An adrenaline pumping hunt that you'll never forget!

Alligator Hunts - Call for prices.

South Carolina has some big swamp lizards. You'll need to call for information to book this hunt.

Bow Fishing - 1 day $300 for two

Bow hunting isn't just for land animals.... it's for fishing too. Experience this unique way of fishing.

Catfish Guide - Available with paid hog or deer packages.

True southern fishing experience.

Predator Hunts - Free with Paid Hog or Deer Package.

Coyote, fox, and bobcats are nice prizes to add to your hunt.